3D Facial Analysis

The future of face tracking

DERMACARE Face-VisionTM is a facial imaging system that enables customers a new and exciting experience by modeling and presenting the customers’ face in real 3D.

Using proprietary image processing and 3D imaging technology, Face-VisionTM shows before and after skin surface, thereby helping skincare professionals develop highly targeted treatment recommendations.

Product Highlights

  • New customer experience with 3D viewing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Superior resolution – 15 MegaPixels per captured session
  • Integrated illumination source
  • Passive 3D sensing – No structured light required
  • Guaranteed reproducibility of facial view thanks to fixed camera positions
  • Printed reports
  • Treatment/procedure simulation capabilities
  • Side-by-side view for intuitive comparison
  • 3D viewing and navigation (possible importing to iPhone)*

Sample Applications

  • Tracking skin changes
  • Mole mapping
  • Aesthetic procedures follow-up
  • Acne treatments
  • Dermal fillers
  • BOTOX treatment
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Makeup
  • Image data-base
  • Clinical testing

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Aesthetics Face

Wrinkles • Skin Laxity • Epidermal & Dermal • Pigmentation • Melasma • Hypertrophic Scar & Keloids • Chronoaging & Photo Aging Skin • Nevil (Birth Marks)
Tone & Texture • Wrinkles • Brown Spots • Acne & Surgical Scars • Pre-Cancerous Lesions (Actinic Keratosis)
Sun Spots • Freckles • Uneven Pigment
Anti-Ageing • Tone & Texture
Firm • Tighten • Lift
Goodbye Double Chin. No Needles • No Surgery • No Downtime
Smooth • Tighten • Decrease Wrinkles & Hooding
Smooth • TIghten (Face / Chin) • Jawline Contouring • Wrinkle Softening (Mouth & Forehead)
Smooth Wrinkles (Mouth / Nose)
Eliminates Facial Lines • Sculpts Facial Contours
Smooth Wrinkles
Whitening • Blemishes
Rejuvenate the skin with intense hydration, and at the same time, provide the skin with essential vitamins and supplements.
Melasma /Age Spots • Fine Lines /Wrinkles • Rough Skin • Skin Laxity • Mild-Severe Hyperpigmentation • Erythema • Sallowness
Wrinkle Reduction • Skin Hydration • Firm Skin
Increased muscle stiffness in elbow, wrist, and finger muscles in adults with upper limb spasticity.

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