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Revolutionary Technology Remarkable Results

VASER Shape achieves noticeable results without surgery. The key? Combined ultrasound and massage therapy that treats fatty tissue underneath the skin.

VASER Shape uses a combination of ultrasonic therapy and massage to smooth, firm and shape the body by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. The procedure targets your problem areas. VASER Shape can help your body’s metabolism by increasing blood circulation in the area being treated. It can also reduce the pain and swelling that occurs after liposuction and other surgical procedures.

The best part? VASERShape is completely nonsurgical and non-invasive.

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VaserShape Machine

Spa-Like Treatments Noticeable Results

The right curves and contours can turn heads and raise eyebrows.

Unfortunately, many of us also have cellulite — those extra dimples when we wear our short shorts, for instance. The appearance of cellulite can be uneven and unsightly. Thanks to VASER Shape, there's a non-surgical solution to smooth and shape your body.

By temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite, each VASER Shape treatment gets you closer to the smooth body you want.

VASER Shape uses ultrasound and massage therapy treatments to warm the targeted problem area and treat the underlying fatty tissue. It even promotes the metabolism and drainage of excess toxins and fats.

Vasershape Non-Surgical Ultrasound and Massage Therapy

Vasershape offers visible body shaping results in weekly ultrasonic and massage therapy sessions by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite and increasing local blood circulation.

Treatment Time

DERMACARE will prescribe treatments based on your body type and effect you're hoping to achieve. Typically, a treatment schedule will include:

Many patients notice significant improvement after the first session. Following the procedure, patients can resume normal activity without pain or downtime.

Two Types of Non-invasive Treatment

VASERShape offers two types of treatment: ultrasound therapy and zonal lymphatic massage.

Ultrasound Therapy

VaserShape Ultrasound

Ultrasound therapy uses two beams of ultrasound energy to warm and treat fatty tissue beneath the skin. This promotes fat cell mobility and encourages the body to metabolize, drain or reabsorb excess fluids. Ultrasound diathermy uses high frequency sound waves to generate localized heat beneath the surface of the skin. VASER Shape achieves this effect with a special hand piece that delivers two overlapping beams of ultrasound energy.

By moving the handpiece over a patient’s body, we can treat the tissue layer that is one to five centimeters below the surface of the skin.

Heat produced by ultrasound diathermy creates a “micromassage” effect on the fat cells. By warming the connective tissue, redistributing fat and encouraging blood circulation, VASER Shape temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite to slim and smooth your body shape. Patients report feeling a gentle warming of the skin accompanied by a feeling similar to a deep tissue massage.

Zonal Lymphatic Massage

VaserShape Lymphatic

Zonal lymphatic massage is recommended for all VASER Shape patients immediately following ultrasound treatments. Zonal massage stimulates the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins , excess fluids and fats from the body. It does this by moving unwanted waste particles through the lymph nodes to the blood stream, where these substances can be filtered out of the body.

Used in concert with ultrasound diathermy, zonal massage can help your body drain and metabolize unwanted fluids from targeted problem areas.

This vacuum-assisted massage helps to: - Open the lymph nodes - Help the body drain off excess toxins and fats - Increase local blood circulation to the treatment site

How does VASERShape work?

VASERShape uses high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy and zonal massage to drain away excess toxins and fats. Heat therapy warms the treatment area and creates a “micromassage” effect on the fat cells. Zonal massage works with the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and fats, and increase local blood circulation.

Together, these two processes:

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Ultrasound energy warms the targeted area and treats the underlying fatty tissue causing fat cells to leak out their contents.

VaserShape Diagram 2

Zonal massage helps to increase local blood circulation, open the lymph nodes, promote the metabolism and encourage the body to remove excess toxins.

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Stubborn Fats • Muffin Tops • Love Handles • Saddle Bags • Belly Pooch
Stubborn Fats • Muffin Tops • Love Handles • Saddle Bags • Belly Pooch
Stubborn Fats • Muffin Tops • Love Handles • Saddle Bags • Belly Pooch
Increase Metabolism • Body Contouring • Reduce Cellulite • Detoxification
Tightening / Firming / Lifting (Tummy, Legs, Knees, Buttocks or Arms) • Soften Wrinkles (Knees) • Crepey Skin Reduction
Firm • Tighten • Lift • Fat Reduction
Non-Ablative Laser Depigmentation
Remove unwanted fat and cellulite, recreate wonderful posture.

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